Saturday, June 05, 2010

I'm back... post 2, the UK!

As promised here is part 2... Warwick, England! Thank you to Enesco rep John Brown (thats me and him shaking hands in the diplomatic shot in front of the American and English Flags) for all his attention and many thanks to Disney Dave, Carole and family, of Castle China for putting together yet another great event! There was a presentation by buddy Tony Oxtoby, signings, a drawing class and more signings! Jeanne and I enjoyed our last visit there, this time, although traveling alone and Jeanne sorely missed, it was great to see everyone again and meet new collectors. Thank you to my dear friends Yvonne and Steve (thats them where I'm holding the Tinkerbell bust) for the hospitality and making me feel at home while there. Good to see you again Yvonne and many thanks for the video of the event you put together, great memories! At the end of the post you can view the video... Great to see my pal Tony Oxtoby (mentioned above) and son Jason again... what a great presentation at the event Tony! (thats them where I'm shaking both their hands at once) And there's Jeff holding the Jiminy piece, thank for the great chocolate bars, both Jeanne and I really liked your clever wrappers, very thoughtful! For those of you who have never been to Warwick its a wonderful little town with Warwick Castle as a landmark, a real authentic caste well worth a visit. You'll also see here some pics throughout town. The red phone booths and red mailboxes and a local Warwick dog :) And... some pics from Stratford upon-Avon, the birth place of William Shakespeare. Was fortunate to have incredible weather, its another beautiful city with the Avon River. Some pics show the boats and canoes that floated by. They have a neat Jester monument, fun to see while promoting the Grand Jester Studios bust line! Came across some neat miniature diecasts of buses at a local fundraiser swap meet and a nice bas-relief atop the door way to a Bank. Thats a glimpse to a terrific time there.... thanks again all and Cherrio!


Blogger Tim Dowling said...

excellent! I'm so glad you came over to the UK. Looking forward your next visit! :-)

6/06/2010 4:58 PM  
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