Monday, February 19, 2007


Back from last weeks signing event in which we had a wonderful time thanks to all the folks at Enesco and Disney World. It was a sureal experience since I had not been back in many years and now signing at a gallery where I once used to visit. Here are several pics from the event, including some of Jeanne and I visiting our good friends at Project Firefly Animation Studio, check out there website! They still had a display of the Beast maquette/design process at MGM and I also could'nt resist one of a Prince Valiant colomn we saw... Thanks all!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Artist Signing

For those who can make it would be great to meet you in person and catch up with old acquaintances as I'll be at The Disney Gallery located at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL. this weekend Sat. the 11th. I'll be signing the Walt Disney Classics Collection Chernabog sculpt. Click on the Disney Gallery link above for more info on times and exact location. I hope to see you there.. "I'm going to Disney World!"

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Chameleon Man Radio Interview


10-minute radio show appearance with introduction, quick interview and sent-in questions answered in this rare event. A crimefighter takes a few minutes from his very busy schedule to "get real" with our radio host here at the Masked Avenger Studios in Los Angeles.


Masked Avenger Studios and Masked Avenger blogspot proudly announce the first radio appearance of Chameleon Man.
You've seen him in Silver Comics, and read about him in the newspaper. This mysterious crimefighter who hardly anybody ever sees, and when they do, they don't believe their eyes, will be here in our studio. That's right fans, Chameleon Man live and in person this Friday on the Masked Avenger blogsite. Always surrounded by controversy, this unique character will surprise you, even when you're expecting a surprise.
Our inside track on this unique individual has allowed us to arrange a first-time exclusive Masked Avenger Radio world exclusive,
to see with our eyes, this legend of a man who will visit with us for a few minutes this Friday at 8 p.m.
Make your plans now to write us with your questions for him and to tune in and be with us for what should be a memorable meeting, here on Masked Avenger Radio.


It's late in the year, and it gets dark a good bit earlier now. The setting is the broadcast booth inside Los Angeles' Masked Avenger Studio.
It's friday night and the clock on the wall tells me it's time for Masked Avenger Radio to be on the air.....
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our program. I'm your host Dennis Hite . This is an installment in our ongoing Crime Stories series, tonight a very special appearance by the elusive crimefighter Chameleon Man. The local time is just after 8 p.m. here in Los Angeles. So far no sign of him anywhere on the set, but he will be joining us later in the show.
Stay tuned, folks. We'll be right back. {1 minute commercial break]

Welcome back everybody. During the break something incredible happened. I turned around and there he was. He just appeared out of thin air. I can see the whole studio from here at what we here have nicknamed 'the spot', where we broadcast from and he didn't come in, he just appeared here.
I was shocked but he was very gracious and apologized if he scared me. I wasn't scared, I was shocked.

Welcome, Chameleon Man!! (LOUD APPLAUSE)
Everybody watching saw the same thing I did, he materialized on our stage.(ANOTHER BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE) Give him a big hand! Chameleon Man waves to the crowd, on their feet. What an entrance!

Hello and welcome, sir (the pair shake hands) (APPLAUSE QUIETS)
Wow that was some first impression, Chameleon Man. May I call you Chameleon Man?
CMan: Oh yes, please do. (The pair sit down in the sound booth)
DH: Well, I guess you've quieted those rumors about you not being real.
CMan: Yes, Mr Hite, I sure hope so. (CROWD LAUGHS)
DH: Call me Dennis.
CMan: Yes sir, Mr. Hite. (CROWD LAUGHS)

DH: About your entrance, what was that we just saw, that appearance. Was it magic, illusion or something else?
CMan: Oh, well I guess a little of all those things.
DH: And I can see him up close, folks, he's definitely a man. Not a reptile or space alien, as some have come to suspect.
Quite a catch for you ladies out there. Seems like a real gallant chap, gentlemanly in manner, but not formal, really.
CMan: I like your suit. (CROWD LAUGHS)
DH: Well how about that! (CROWD LAUGHS) I like your suit a whole lot, too! Can you tell us about it?
CMan: It's always changing, evolving technology that reacts to environent and also various commands.
DH: Sounds complicated. But hey, it works for you, right?
CMan: Yes, usually. (CROWD CHUCKLES)
DH: So, what do you do, sneak up on archcriminals and materialize when they make the big score, then arrest them? (CROWD LAUGHS)
CMan: Hey, that's pretty funny. Good one. (MORE LAUGHTER)
CMan: Let's say I use the technology to turn the tables on criminals who use their own sneaky tactics to do harm to regular people. The 'decent citizens' of this great nation. (CROWD APPLAUDS)
DH: Well, like a lot of us out there, I read the newspapers,(SOME CROWD APPLAUSE) and it seems like every week there's another Chameleon Man sighting, What do you have to say about those?
CMan: Say? I don't know, have a nice day? (CROWD APPLAUSE)
DH: That's terrific. It just seemed you might have some opinion about the newspaper controversies":
CMan: Not really. I know I'm real. (CROWD LAUGHS)
DH: We'll be back with Chameleon Man right after these messages. (1 min commercial break)

DH: Welcome back everyone. Dennis Hite here with our very special guest Chameleon Man. Tell us, sir. Where did you come from? Are you local?
CMan: Yes, I'm from around here, but I move around a lot, so there's a lot of places that I think of as home.
DH: Well. we're glad to have you around here, and thanks for coming to see us tonight.
CMan: You're very welcome. Nice to be here.
DH: So, are you married? Have a family?
CMan: I'm single (SOME LADIES CHEER) and live with my family, and I have residences around the country.
DH: And what do you do when you're not crimefighting?
CMan: I have a lot of interests, and like to get back to nature. I skindive, rock climb, sail, and my latest hobby is skydiving.
DH: Wow, I could never skydive. You don't skydive in that suit, though do you?
CMan: Not exactly, but this suit is built very aerodynamically, and has abilities to glide and even do a little parasailing.
DH: So you can fly in that suit, amazing.
CMan: Not real flying, but I'm working on the parasailing aspect. I call it 'chamcaping'.
DH: As in Chameleon Man caping?
CMan: No, actually it's an acronym for 'chamsuit caping', or aerodynamic manuevering using the chamsuit and cape.
DH: Chamsuit you say, is that from Chameleon suit?
CMan: Actually, the acronym is from 'chamoflage suit', but I guess it also could be chameleon suit. ,
DH: Fascinating. He's invisible, he can fly, or glide and what else can you do in that suit?
CMan: A lot of things, it's flameproof, bulletproof and is naturally buoyant in water. There's a temperature regulating system that keeps me at whatever temperature I set, which is useful on those cold nights. As I said, this suit is always being refined, so there's always new things to try and to master.
DH: Where do you get that suit, I suppose it's not off the rack from the nearby haberdashery?
CMan: It's a secret. Sorry.
DH: That's quite alright, I understand. We'll be right back with some of your questions for Chameleon Man after these messages. (1 min commercial break)

DH: Welcome back again everybody., Dennis Hite here on Masked Avenger radio with our guest Chameleon Man.
I have some write-in questions sent in by our viewers,a huge stack of mail for you in our mail room. Would you like to do a couple of selections?
CMan: Sure why not.
DH: Our first question comes from 27 year old Daniel, who says he saw you once in some trees near the shopping mall two weeks ago.. Do you remember being around there?
CMan: Yes I think I was over there, Hello Daniel.
DH: Oh so you know him?
CMan: No not exactly, I didn't meet him, he sort of ran away when he saw me. (CROWD CHUCKLES). Sorry if I startled you Daniel and it's nice to hear from you, thanks for writing.

DH: OK here's the second question. 11-year old Michelle says she thinks you're cool and wishes you luck. She hopes to see you one day and also says she hopes you don't have to go to the bathroom too much. (CROWD LAUGHS).
DH: Oh, in the suit! (CROWD STILL LAUGHING) She means in the suit! I guess she thinks it's hard to go in the suit.(MORE LAUGHS). Is it hard to go in the suit? (LAUGHS)
CMan: Well, that's not a problem, the suits have capabilities for prolonged duration and resembles in some ways what astronaut's space suits use. Normally though, I just go at other times (laughs). I didn't expect a question like that, Michelle. (MORE LAUGHS) Thanks for your concern and thanks for writing in.

DH: Our next writer is Mary, who doesn't give her age but says you came to her aid one night in Center Park when a crook stole her purse and diamond ring. You brought the crook back, made him give back the purse, put the ring back on her finger and she says he apologized and asked for forgiveness. She says she forgave him and she'll never forget you. She sends her thanks again.
CMan: Oh I remember you, hi Mary. Yes well it was no big deal. I grabbed the young kid, half the ladies age, and 'suggested' if he went back and made it right, he can skip the police getting involved, and he went for it. Just a good kid who made a bad impulsive decision. later he thanked me. too. Saw him just a couple of days ago. he's straightened out, keeping his nose clean. Nobody got hurt, everybody wins this way, justice is served, peace restored. Not a bad thing, really.
You're very welcome, Mary. Thanks for writing.
DH: Well, I see we're out of time, I know you have to leave right away, being a crimefighter keeps one very busy. I like to thank you, Chameleon Man for allowing me this special time with you and your fans here at Masked Avenger.
CMan: Well thank you, Dennis for having me.
DH: Please come back and visit us again sir, it was wonderful to have you with us.
CMan: Thank you. Goodbye everybody...for now.

The pair stand, shake hands warmly, CMan waves to the crowd, turns to head for the studio door, and vanishes. The crowd goes wild again and as they stand and applaud, Chameleon man is nowhere to be seen. Over the wild applause, announcer Dennis Hite is heard to say:
DH: Well, I can see by the clock on the wall that it's time to say goodbye for now. Be sure to tune in next time when once again we'll bring you another in our CRIME STORIES series, here at Masked Avenger Radio. This is your announcer Dennis Hite for Masked Avenger Radio.

Thank you to our friend Dennis Rau for this thrilling radio adventure with Chameleonman!