Sunday, December 23, 2007

Samurai Pin-up

Here's a pin-up I did for good friend Ron Marz' and amazing artist Luke Ross' "Samurai" comic book character published by Dark Horse Comics, colors done by the very talented Val Staples. Shiro the Samurai travels to all parts of the world in search of his beloved Yoshiko. In the comic he searches far and wide from China to France, and meets up with the most interesting characters such as The Three Musketeers. I thought it would be fun if Shiro found himself in London, England enlisting the help of the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. If you look closely on the coffee table next to Holmes' violin, I drew a back view of the maquette I sculpted of the villainous Ratigan for the Disney movie "The Great Mouse Detective." Included here are the thumbnail sketch for this piece as well as other ideas where I had Shiro meeting up with likes of The Man in the Iron Mask, Captain Ahab, Samson, Julius Ceasar, and Tutankhamen. The pin-up can be found in the trade paperback called "Samurai-Heaven and Earth" TPB Vol.2, which you can order directly through Dark Horse.


Blogger K.B. said...

Beauts !!!

1/05/2008 8:38 PM  
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they are looking awesome

10/01/2019 11:55 PM  

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