Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pics from the Remembering Walt Stanchfield: Drawn to Life Panel

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remembering Walt Stanchfield...

Join some of my former colleagues and myself tonight on a panel discussion and a video presentation on our dear mentor and friend Walt Stanchfield hosted by Don Hahn . Walt taught practically my whole generation at Disney. For those who don't know or never heard his name he was one of the titans of animation that worked at Disney for many decades. As young budding artist would come in we would be put under Walt's wings to be taught the ropes and process of animation on production. He also taught great classes and had wonderful handout, he handed out to the crew, now compiled in two volumes which I highly recommend called "Drawn to Life" edited by Don Hahn.

Don't know if many people know this but Walt loved to sing and he took Opera lessons from the great Tito Schipa... Attached are some pic's of Walt as a young man singing an Opera, not sure which one, looks like he's playing a Harlequin, could it be Paglacci? Anyhoo, we shared many a conversations for our mutual love of Opera. Also, pics of him and I in the early/mid 80's where I spent an unforgettable weekend at his home and he and his wonderful wife Dee took me to the beach near there home in Buellton, we also made a stop at a pig farm! We did some sketches and research for the film we were working on "The Black Cauldron" which had a little pig character called Hen Wen. I'll be bring that original sketchbook of Walt's he used that day, that Dee graciously gave me after he passed away, for folks to look at tonight.... and lastly one of Walt's many passions was wood cuts he would do these fabulous scenes and then print them out, here's a pic of one that hangs in our home.

Here are the details of tonight's event:

Wednesday, June 10

The panel begins at 7:00pm

Panelist include: Andreas Deja, Dave Pimental, Dave Pruiksma, Ruben Procopio

Don Hahn presenting and moderating

Location: Woodbury University's Fletcher Jones Auditorium, 7500 N. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank,Calif.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Attached are the final pictures of the bust, the turnaround model sheet and the concept drawings... Order here!