Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back from the San Diego Comic Con!

With the old gang... remembering our dear friend, mentor and boss Walt Stanchfield. Standing room only! Great to hear Walt's voice in some footage that Don Hahn showed!

Taking a picture with Great Mouse Detective fan Sabrina at the Walt Stanchfield "Drawn to Life" Book signing with friend and producer Don Hahn...

The Adam West Bust by our very own Masked Avenger Studios! Here on display at Adam's booth... Seen in background, as Fred Westbrook his agent looks on in the foreground...

Booth signing for Captain Action! Dear friend Scott Sebring made a special appearance dressed as The Phantom... Doesn't he make the ideal Phantom? Thanks Scott! that was very special, much appreciated!

The Electric Tiki display at Sideshow Toys! My sculptures The Rocketeer, Super Goof, The Tick and The Shadow are among many fun Disney characters on display!

Jeanne with our dear friend Dave Armstrong in our traditional running into him in the comic book section!

Grand Jester Studio Busts on display at the Sideshow Toys Booth, also at Diamond Comic Distribution!

Here's Dave again...
Did they unveil The Green Hornet's Black Beauty? well... here's dear friend Ron Marz and me next to another Black Beauty...

Electric Tiki's Super Goof sculpt!

Grand Jester Studios Horned King concept drawing and bust sculpt...!

Lets pause for a little bit of nostalgia... The Horned King and I go way back... I was one of the animators that animated him in "The Black Cauldron" (scene above) and keeping it all in the family, here's my Dad, Adolfo Procopio sculpting him for the Disney Tokyo Disneyland Castle attraction while at Disney Imagineering!

An Alex Toth remembering get together... here with dear friends Mark Chiarello (center) Art Director for DC Comics and editor of the recent hit Wednesday Comics, congrats Mark! and John Hitchcock... great friend of Alex and owner of the comic book store, Parts Unknown in South Carolina! We had a chance to reminisce on the Con floor about our friend that we miss dearly!

The Grand Jester Studios Jessica Rabbit concept drawing and bust...

A dinner reunion of the Italian version of the Three Musketeers! Here I am with dear friends and colleagues Francesco Francavilla (artist on Dynamite's Zorro comic book!) and Sergio Carriello (artist on Dynamite's Lone Ranger comic book!)

Thanks to all who came out!


Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 "Be Our Guest Dinner"

Organized by the amazing Cinde Castro! Last nights event was incredible...

Front Row dear family friend Walt Peregoy, Art Linkletter (he' in his late 90's!), your's truly, Virginia Davis and Wally Boag.

Back Row Standing: Cinde Castro, Ron Clements, Bob Gurr , Alice Davis and Tom Sito.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chameleonman by Scott Seeto!

Our old friend Chameleonman is the subject of today's post via a wonderful painting done by good friend and artist extraordinaire Scott Seeto! Enjoy and visit his website here!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Jiminy, Marley and Scooge... from WDCC Mickey's Christmas Carol Collection!

A couple of the latest for WDCC... Check out the details at out buddies blog Don the Duckman, and the Jiminy Whiteware Exclusive here!