Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Be our Guest!

Every year Cinde Fortino organizes a wonderful dinner called "Be our Guest". I've been very flattered to be asked to attend, this is my third year in a row, thanks Cinde! The evening consists of Disney aficionados and fans who have an opportunity to have dinner with a Disney alumni, each seated at different tables. This years Disney alumni were from left to right, back row: John Musker (Co-Director of The Little Mermaid/Aladdin), Steve Davison (Creator of the World of Color at Disneyland), Max Howard (Former Head of Disney Animation London, Paris, Orlando and Los Angeles and... my former boss!), Willie Ito (Animator and Illustrator at Disney's, Hanna Barbera, Warner's and Bob Clampett, where he worked on Benie and Cecil! FYI, make sure to check out his terrific book called "Hello Maggie"), yours truly. First row seated: Dave Stollery (Marty from the television serial "Spin and Marty" on the Mickey Mouse Club), Cinde Fortino (Be our Guest!) and Dick Jones (Original voice of Pinocchio!) Thanks again Cinde for a wonderful time! The pin we're all wearing (shown above) was especially designed for this event by my old buddy and pal, artist Tony West... Great job Tony!


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