Sunday, September 24, 2006


My thought process and sketchbook designs as I explore poses for statues...


Blogger Tom Bancroft said...

Ruuueebeeen! Tim Hodge just told me you had a blog! 'Bout time, what, the blog things been going on for a couple years now? Your a little late to the party! You could fill 18 blogs with the massive amount of work you've done through the years! I love everything you've posted, great stuff! Can you post a picture of something you drew for me and say "this was for my dear friend tom Bancroft" like you did with George Perez and Alex Toth? Oh, wait, you never drew me anything! Dude.

9/25/2006 8:03 AM  
Blogger Kevin Barber said...

So glad you post these concepts. I learn so much from them. Not a bad concept in the bunch. Strong gracefull poses that capture the essence of these great characters that we love .Will any of those DC ones get made? I want the Aquaman Green Lantern ones as well as that Neal Adamsish Batman . Fantastic.

9/25/2006 9:29 AM  
Blogger Kevin Barber said...

Oh wait,...i want Hawkman and Green Arrow /Speedy too.

9/25/2006 9:30 AM  
Blogger Roland Mechael said...

Hi Ruben,
Thanks for your comments on my blog...Your thought process and sketches are truly inspiring too! Pure wonder!!! Looking forward to see more!

9/25/2006 1:27 PM  
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