Saturday, November 18, 2006

Phantom Annual "sneak peak" in Color!

Coming soon this December will be the first american Phantom Annual published by Moonstone Books, here are a few pages and panels, story by Ron Marz, art by myself and color by Val Staples. Other writers in the Annual are Mike Bullock and artist Graham Nolan.

Doc Savage roughs

These are my rough concept thumbnails for proposed designs in the upcoming Moonstone Doc Savage book.

"The Sergio"

This is the new "The Sergio" lifetime achievement award for the CAPS Organization (Comic Art Professional Society) I sculpted recently. Designed by Sergio Aragones, the fact that its called and looks like him was a surprise we gave to him that evening of the first ceremony these where given out, he did not know. The first one was given to Cartoonist Jack Davis and a special one given to the Founder CAPS Sergio Aragones himself. It will be given out once every year to a recipeicnt in the Cartooning field.