Wednesday, August 22, 2007

“Visions: The World of Fantasy Art”

Is a new exhibit at the Forest Lawn Museum in Glendale, California. I have not seen it yet but apparently there are many of the maquettes I did for Disney Feature Animation on display. I got a call from the local paper to do a article on my work, here's a link. Thanks to our dear family friend Joan Costa at Forest Lawn for letting me know as well as my good friend and colleague Chad Frye. Look forward to seeing this exhibit as there are many well known artist works on display. (Photo by Alex Collins)

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Making of the New Harvey Birdman Video Game Cover!

Here are my sketches and thumbnails for the new Harvey Birdman Video game Cover... The premise, Film Noir! Court Room Drama! a Villain! all right up my alley as I'm a big film noir fan. The evolution goes through many ideas. I don't like to leave many of them in the ink well, so I just keep going until I feel like I've covered as many angles as I can with in the time alloted. The final was picked, a tighter rendering is done, then it was given to the very talented Brian McGee to paint the final, who did a absolute wonderful job! Thanks to my good friend Ed Murrieta at Cartoon Network for the assignment... Enjoy!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Back from the Con! 2nd post... Mighty Mouse!

"Here I come to save the day...!" Remember that memorable intro? Well here is a look at the new Mighty Mouse II sculpt (original prototype) to remind you of that jingle every time you look at him. He was on display ( in color) at the San Diego Comic Con, in the Electric Tiki display at the Sideshow booth. Shown here unpainted, based on a design by Tracy Lee owner of Electric Tiki, including a comparison shot with the 1st Mighty Mouse sculpt(sold out!) This piece is now available for order at Sideshow here and a limited Sideshow exclusive with a green base here. Enjoy the little life size... or "pint size" superhero!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back from the Con! 1st post... Zorro

We had a wonderful time. It was great seeing old friend, colleagues, clients and making new friends, most of all meeting fans, and making deals alike... I'll be posting several highlights of our involvement with the Con. Shown today is the Zorro mini-poster given out at the Moonstone Booth to promote the upcoming "Tales of Zorro" book I'll be illustrating. We also did a panel attended by Max Allen Collins and Peter David, two of the writers participating in this prose anthology of one of the first Masked Avengers! Attached also are the preliminary sketches, see if you can find the one picked. At the very end is a special sketch given to Guy Williams Jr. who also attended the show and panel. Guy brought his Dads original Zorro sword and the crowd turned into the paparazzi taking pictures! Also a special drawing for Sandra Curtis, Senior VP, Creative Development of Zorro Productions, Inc. and John Gertz, President, Zorro Productions, Inc. All these a taste of things to come! Stay tuned for more items Masked Avenger Studios had on display throughout the Con, coming soon! Now on to prepare for the next event!