Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taking the ZBrush Plunge!

Yes... learning ZBrush with Zack Petroc and Bryan Wynia at Studio Arts. One of the exercises in Bryan's class is to model a monster and make it our own version. Among the choices I picked The Creature from the Black Lagoon, above are some pics... Next to me is my buddy and old time colleague and friend, the very talented Jim Mitchell modeling Frankenstein (pic above). Of all things we trained together with Eric Larson at Disney's 30 years ago... and here we are again, starting a new chapter in our lives in ZBrush, who woulda thunk, huh Jim.... It's very fun and I look forward to applying my traditional experience onto this program... from the sculpting table on to the computer!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phantom Generations Cover #10

Here's one of the latest Phantom Generations Covers...#10 Above is the thumbnail, the idea and theory behind it and the final. A principle in drawing, especially covers, is not only draw your viewer in but also to make your composition lead right into your focal point. In this case you'll notice I actually used practically all the elements leading into the center of the page where our hero is. I remember studying and learning this principle as a teen in one of my many "how to books" where they broke up a panel Neal Adams did for a Green Lantern/Green Arrow Issue, one from the ground breaking series in the 60's. It has stuck with me ever since. Enjoy! R.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doug Klauba's Phantom Generations Cover #9!

As you may have seen in previous entries I've been working with good friend, artist and painter extraordinaire Doug Klauba (Doug's blog) and amazing colorist Jason Millet on a new Phantom series for Moonstone Books called The Phantom Generations. Here is Doug's awesome cover #9! I had done some thumbnails, see below, based on Doug's idea... but Doug's final just hit it out of the park! Enjoy the latest installment of the Ghost who Walks!

Doug Klauba's incredible rendition of The Phantom as Kit Walker, what a great concept!

These are some the thumbnails I had done based on Doug's idea... in the end what he came up with was just awesome... great design, simple and one of the best rendition of Kit Walker that I've ever seen! Great job Doug!